They Threw This Puppy In The Trash Because He Was Born Without Front Legs


It's difficult to have a start to life more tragic than that of Cupid. The puppy was born without front legs and was found in a trashcan in Toronto, Canada. Apparently not ready to be responsible for a handicapped dog, the person (or people) who committed this atrocious act, abandoned him in the most flagrant way.


Source: The Dog Rescuers Inc

At the age of only eight weeks, he was rescued on the brink of death by a passerby, alerted by his cries coming from the garbage. Incapable of getting around on his own due to his birth defect, he was taken in by The Dog Rescuers Inc, a Canadian dog shelter.


Source: The Dog Rescuers Inc

Before that, the man who had found Cupid brought him to another shelter in the area, but they refused to take the animal, judging him "unadoptable" because of his physical condition. A revolting decision for Joan Znidarec, director of The Dog Rescuers Inc., who now takes care of the little orphan full time.According to the young woman, Cupid is being spoiled for the first time in his life and receives all the attention he needs. Even better, Joan is fighting to help the pooch develop his mobility. She has had prosthetics made and will supervise him as he slowly learns to walk with them.


Source: The Dog Rescuers Inc

It won't be easy for the pup, so to simplify the task, the woman has decided to takean unusual approach: the usage of skis and wheels, which will help him get around more comfortably. Ever since the adorable little guy has been working hard to finally learn how to walk on his own; when this task is accomplished, he will be put up for adoption.


Source: The Dog Rescuers In

In the meantime, Joan is thrilled to see that the puppyis in great shape and hasn't lost his feistiness. She will use the next few weeks building his self-confidence to prepare him for what comes next. After which, he will finally be able to turn the page on his sad start.

Cupid and DakotaCupid is doing SO fabulously well in foster care and we are so incredibly thrilled to see how happy he looks playing with his foster brother Dakota. Dakota is also available for adoption through our program. As most of you know, Cupid was fitted for his prosthetic legs last week and he will be going back at the end of next week to take his first step forward in his new legs! We are so astounded at how much love and support has poured in for this little guy, it has been truly wonderful to see!. Cupid will not be available for adoption for another couple of weeks - keep an eye out as we will announce when he is officially available for adoption, however please check back to see update in the meantime <3PLEASE SHARE :)--BUY A TICKET.... SAVE A LIFE!!!This fundraiser will help raise much needed funds so that we can continue to help dogs like Cupid... and Diesel... and Tom Cruise... and Gracie.... and Charlie... and Dakota... and Olive.... the list goes on and on. Tickets are NOT available at the door!! Available ONLY until Feb 12.--Elvis is coming to Oakville! Award winning tribute artist Jay Zanier along with special guests ( James Gibb, Marcus Wells, and Anthony Von) and band take to the stage.Tickets sold IN ADVANCE ONLY - until Feb 12 only!Want to have a fun evening and help save lives?What: Chewey's Sounds for Hounds - Elvis tribute show and dinner.When: Sunday February 19thTime: Doors open at 6:30 pm Dinner at 7:30Where: St. Joseph's Banquet & Conference Centre in Oakville - 300 River Oaks Blvd (at Trafalgar Rd)Cost - $50 per ticket, discounts available for table of 10Why: All funding goes back towards paying for vet bills for rescue dogs.** Don't miss out! This night is bringing all the glitz and glam of a Vegas Elvis dinner show right here to Oakville, Ontario.For ticket info please email [email protected] or call 416-567-6249www.thedogrescuersinc.caPLEASE SHAREPublié par The Dog Rescuers Inc. sur samedi 4 février 2017

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