They Purposely Run Over A Bear With A Truck And Provoke A Wave Of Anger


The video shocked Russia. Filmed in Western Siberia, it shows two truck drivers purposely run over a brown bear, just to watch him die.


Source: Daily Mail 

Filmed by a passenger, you can hear the men cry out "Crush him! Crush him!" while the truck heads right for the animal, motionless. They drive over top of him several times, each time with cries of joy.

Seeing that the bear was still alive, despite their best efforts, they trapped him between their two trucks and finish him off with the help of a crowbar.


Source: Daily Mail 

The video provoked a vast wave of anger online and was released by several Russian media outlets. After qualifying the authors of this carnage as "scoundrels," Sergueï Donskoï, the Russian Minister of the Environment, affirmed that these crimes "must be punished by prison time."

Iriva Volk - the spokeswoman for the Interior Minister- also confirmed: "We have established that the video is showing residents of Iakoutie." An investigation has been open since Tuesday to try and find them.

To watch the scandalous video, click here. Warning, the images can be hard to watch.


Source: Daily Mail 

While the act of these workers is particularly barbarian, it is sadly not rare for bears to be killed in this region. And not just killed. Considered - often wrongly - as dangerous to live near humans, they are often killed by authorities if they appear close to an inhabited zone.

Moreover, the hunting of grizzlies is still extremely common and contributes each day to the disappearance of the species. Sign this petition initiated by The Humane Society of The United States to ask that bears become protected and that these cruel practices are ended.