They Pulled This Baby Dolphin Out Of The Sea To Take Selfies With Her And She Died

Andrea A.

Last week, a baby dolphin died on Santa Teresita beach in Argentina, after tourists pulled herfrom the water so that they could takephotos with it, The Dodo reports. Franciscan dolphin was found in shallow waters on the beach, but instead of helping the baby back out to sea, the tourists roughly handed her around so that they could take a novelty "selfie" with the poor creature.She should have been helped out to sea to be reunited with her mother, but instead, she died.


Source : @Facebook


Source : @Facebook

These beautiful sea creatures cannot survive for long out of the water. Sothe baby dolphin ended up dying after being exposed to the boiling sun for too long. The tourists chucked her onto the sand after she had died from deydration, and some tourists even continued to take photos of her as she lay there lifeless.


Source : @Facebook

The Argentine Vida Silvestre Foundationcommented on the sad affair:

The Franciscan, like other dolphins, cannot remain above water for long. It has a very thick and greasy skin that provides warmth, so the weather quickly causes dehydration and death. It is essential that people help dolphins get back out into the sea as soon as they find them near the beach.

What makes it worse is that the Franciscan dolphin is a very rare, endangered species that is only found around these South American waters.There are only 30,000 individuals left in the world. Their habit of swimming very close to the coast means that they are frequently caught up in fisherman's nets.

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