They Climb The Neighbour's Fence To Rescue This Dog After The Police Refuse To Help


"Miserable" doesn't even begin to describe this dog's life. His owner, who hadn't even bothered giving him a name, kept him constantly chained up outside the house, his muzzle gagged shut with sticky tape.


Source : @AnimalAdvocates

He slept day and night on the hard concrete, receiving no attention from humans despite his constant barking and his cries.

Finally the neighbours heard him, realising the pup's heartbreaking isolation. The dog lost all hope after being left outside all alone day after day.


Source : @AnimalAdvocates

The neighbours eventually informed the police, who did nothing in response to their many calls. When they could no longer stand this heartbreaking scene, they took matters into their own hands to set the dog free from his daily ordeal.


Source : @AnimalAdvocates

One day, when they were sure nobody was in, they climbed the fence and saved the poor dog. His life would finally begin to change.

His new family started by giving him a name - Alfie - at last, and are doing all they can to give him back his lust for life. There will be no more chains, no more concrete, no more taped muzzle, and finally some attention and affection!



Source : @AnimalAdvocates

The even better news is that Alfie now has a canine "brother"! The pair are getting on brilliantly and spend their days lounging about outdoors.


Source : @AnimalAdvocates

Alfie is taking part in all kinds of family activities - picnics, walks, games, without forgetting the bathing...


Source : @AnimalAdvocates

And for the first time in his whole life, he's being completely spoilt!


Source : @AnimalAdvocates

Alfie is finally getting the love, freedom and happiness he always wanted in his new home, and will live out the rest of his life in the best place for him. And it's all thanks to them!



Source : @AnimalAdvocates


H/t: @LittleThings.com

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