These Unbelievable Newfoundland Dogs Jump Out Of Helicopters To Save Lives


We know it sounds barking mad. But these Newfoundlands really are sea rescue dogs in Italy.


Source: @ScuolaItalianaCani

In fact, Newfoundlands are originally mountain dogs, and so they are much better equipped for harsh conditions and the freezing cold.


Source: @ScuolaItalianaCani

The Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs have been saving lives in the water for over a decade. What fearless pups they are! Newfoundlands are incredibly strong swimmers and their huge size means they are capable of dragging a human in the water.


Source: @ScuolaItalianaCani

Depending on the sea conditions, they will accompany the rescue team by boat or even by helicopter. Yes, they really do jump out of helicopters.


Source: @ScuolaItalianaCani

Of course, this is no easy feat and it takes three years to fully train the amazing rescue dogs. But wow, do we take our hats off to them.


Source: @ScuolaItalianaCani

You can watch a video of all the pups in action here:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TEglSkntVo[/embed]

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