These Two Malformed And Abandoned Dogs Are Now Inseparable

Andrea A.

In January 2018, an adorable dog named Buttons was saved by charity A Chance To Bloom Rescue from a shelter where the euthanasia rate is sadly very high. Jessica Russell, president of the charity, said to The Dodo:

The shelter just wheeled him out to us in a wheelbarrow. We had no idea what kind of shape he was in.

Source: A Chance to Bloom

After visiting the hospital, it was determined that Buttons' head was permanently tilted to one side. This could be due to a genetic neck deformity or perhaps he was locked in a crate that was too small for him to lift his head, causing his neck to become crooked. Jessica said:

We have no way of knowing for sure, but he was put on medicine to make sure his spinal fluids were draining correctly. He’s perfectly healthy now, but his head will have a slight tilt all the time.

Source: A Chance to Bloom

Once he was back on his feet, volunteers at the charity decided to introduce him to Grace, a two year old dog rescued in November 2017, after she was hit by a car. She had to have one paw amputated. Jessica said:

They both had this look of defeat when we first pulled them from the shelter. But when they got together, everything completely changed. It was instantaneous.

Source: A Chance to Bloom

Ever since they met, Buttons and Grace have been inseparable. Buttons cries whenever he isn't in the same room as his best friend. As for Grace, she loves running alongside him and rolling in the grass together.

Source: A Chance to Bloom

Unfortunately, as it stands, nobody has adopted the two dogs, but Jessica hasn't lost hope:

Once people meet them in person, they’ll fall in love. Just watching the two of them together is really something special. 

Source: A Chance to Bloom

H/t: The Dodo