These Trapped White Tigers Haven't Had Fresh Air In 12 Years


It's been 12 years since these tigers last saw the light of day.


Source: Downtown Aquarium Houston

After being bought by the Houston Downtown Aquarium, in Texas, in 2004, they've been living between four glass walls in their enclosure, without ever having left. The decoration is made to look like a temple, and it's in front if these glass walls that visitors see the tigers in the "Maharaja Temple".


Source: Downtown Aquarium Houston

Nero, Marina, Coral and Reef have all spent nearly their entire existences in this building, where there is also a restaurant. When they're not being exhibited, the big cats are kept in metal cages, "backstage" of the decoration.


Source: Downtown Aquarium Houston

Jennifer Conrad, a veterinarian for the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), confirmed:

The dungeon-like conditions that the tigers are forced to endure at Houston's Downtown Aquarium harm their physical health and psychological well being, and deny them much that is natural and important to a tiger. It is cruel to confine complex, roaming carnivores such as tigers to a tiny, dark, artificial, unenriched enclosure where they never see any daylight, much less bask in sunshine.


Source: Downtown Aquarium Houston

The ALDF is actively trying to get the animals moved to a more appropriate environment. The activists have already served the company that owns the aquarium with a notice of intent to sue based on alleged violations of the Endangered Species Act, and plans to follow through after 60 days if the tigers are not transferred to an accredited sanctuary.


Source: Downtown Aquarium Houston

The notice contains, amongst others, the following statement:

Indeed, the tigers have been observed pacing and lunging at the glass wall separating the tigers from the public — all common stress responses for tigers living in close confinement with no ability to seek privacy from the viewing public.

The NGO even offered to take care of the big cats without any compensation, and otherwise to find another institution which will be able to offer them the home they deserve.


Source: Downtown Aquarium Houston

To add your voice in putting pressure on the company, and to help find these four white tigers find a home in the sun, in the fresh air and free from their cages, sign the petition. Each individual effort counts in saving them from this hell.