These Tiny Puppies Were Alone And Dying Before They Ran Into Just The Right Person


When puppies Snow and Shylah were saved from Barceloneta, Puerto Rico, in the summer, they were in such a bad state that their rescuers were too shocked to cry, writesThe Dodo. Found at only two months old by a man feeding stray cats, they had a severe and aggressive case of mange that would have killed them if it hadn't been treated.The man, known as Gamaliel, couldn't afford to take them to the vet but, not wanting to leave them to die, took the puppies home with him and tried to treat their itchy, tender skin. Unfortunately they were too far gone for anything other than urgent medical care, so he contacted Chelsea Williams, founder of dog rescue group Souls of Satos.

Source: Souls of Satos

"It was one of the worst cases of skin conditions that I’ve ever seen,” said Williams. “They were broken, scared and not feeling well."They took the brother and sister to a veterinarian, where they slept curled up as close as they possibly could to each other.

Source: Souls of Satos

When they were well enough, they went back to Gamaliel's house to recover, while Williams contacted AMA Animal Rescue, a New York based shelter, to ask whether they could help rehome Snow and Shylah in the States.

Source: AMA Animal Rescue

They agreed and the lucky pair flew out to their new home in July. Rehoming them would prove to be more difficult than most, however, as it was quickly discovered that the dynamic duo were bonded and were very anxious when separated. Michele Walsh, director of animal care at AMA, toldThe Dodo:

I could never even envision how bonded they were [...] I knew from that moment that there was no way we could separate these puppies, and we wanted to adopt them together as this amazing, bonded pair. When we got them in my car, the first thing these two did was find each other, snuggle together, and then they slept and rested so peacefully.

Source: AMA Animal Rescue

Many homes don't have the space or the money for two energetic puppies and keeping these two together was absolutely essential. But eventually, couple Robb Linde and Joannie Bozek fell in love with them and took them home at the end of September, renaming them Jethro and Abby.

Source: AMA Animal Rescue

"We love that we can keep the ‘twins’ together for the rest of their lives,” they said. “Watching them play together makes our day every day. It is remarkable how resilient they are, given what they endured getting to us."

Source: AMA Animal Rescue

You can help Souls of Satos by messaging their Facebook page, and you can help AMA Animal Rescue find homes for animals in need by donating.

H/t: The Dodo

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