These Three Chihuahuas Were Abandoned In A Parking Lot And Shot At Before Rescuers Found Them


Hope for Pawswas called after someone spotted three Chihuahuas hanging out in a fast food parking lot in Los Angeles, California.


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

The poor animals had been dumped by their owner, and to make matters worse, someone shot at them with B.B. guns. Two of them were hit, causing intense pain for their tiny bodies.When Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, approached them, he held out food. The male was the first to approach, followed by the older female, and finally the youngest.


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

They were all apprehensive, butseemed to know that they were in safe hands.The rescuer used a trap to try and capture all three together, but wrangling them was difficult.Despite offers of food, they didn't want to go inside. He settled for two of the Chihuahuas and calmly trapped the third in a snare.

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Source:The pooch had an understandable moment of panic when he felt the snare tightening, but thanks to Hagar's gentle words and petting, he relaxed quickly.


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

He immediately brought the trio to the clinic, where he named them Penny, Brooklyn and Marty.They got warm bubble baths and affection for the first time in a long time.


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

In a heartbreaking turn, Penny passed away from heart failure only a few weeks later, but rescuers take comfort in the fact that she was happy and loved in the last moments of her life.


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

Brooklyn and Marty went to their foster home at Wags and Walksbefore the pair was eventually adopted together. They will never have to experience the fear and uncertainty that they knew in the streets, and will always have a happy forever home.If you would like to help more dogs like these, you can support Hope for Paws, here.You can watch the full video of their rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKHjgAZzvyQ[/embed]

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