These Three Blind Cats Were Abandoned But Rediscovered Love When They Met This One-Eyed Pitbull

Sherry Stewart and her daughter devote a lot of their time helping animals in need. A host family for"Faithful Friends Animal Society", in the US, they've taken care of over 80 dogs and cats over the past three years.


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Recently, they took three new guests under their wing. Three little cats. Helen, the 7-year-old female cat, was found starving in a state of emergency after a man had tried to kill her for being on his property.Then there's Willis andBruce, two kittens who arrived in the shelter in a sorry state, their faces covered in infections.


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Sadly, the vet had to remove both of their eyes because their infections were so bad and their eyesight beyond repair. As for Helen, she had severe glaucoma and unfortunatelyalso lost her vision.


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But this trio weren't gonna let losing their eyesight stop them and they're still three very happy kitties. And this couldn't have happened without the love and support they got from their friend in a pretty similar boat...


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When they arrived atSherry Stewart's home, they bonded straightaway withFrankie, aPitbull from the shelter, who had been suffering from a severe case of mange. He was a long-term resident atSherry's house : she adopted the cutie for good!Frankie couldn't have been more welcoming to the three blind cats if he tried. This gorgeous 4-year-old Pitbull only has one eye and knows how tough life can be.He quickly fell in love with the three blind cats andgot particularly close to Helen, the older female one.


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The two of them have become completely inseparable, cuddling and playing and of course, lots of kisses! These cats have been so lucky in finding the ultimate foster family to help them get over their difficult pasts.


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The two kittens, Willis andBruce, will soon be put up for adoption. Yes, together, of course! As for Helen,the shelter already have a potential adoptive mother for her.Well doneSherry Stewart for welcoming in these animals who are so in need of some love and comfort. You're an inspiration to us all!

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