These Sweet, Abandoned Donkeys Can Finally See The Sun Again After Months Trapped In A Filthy Barn

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Timmy and Tommy are 2 donkeys with a very difficult past. Shut in a dilapidated old shed in Yorkshire, England they were left, forgotten, for months, writesThe Dodo. It was only thanks to the work ofThe Donkey Sanctuary, an English rescue group, that the poor animals were saved from the horrible place.The 2 donkeys were found living in a mountain of excrement which had gotten so high that Timmy's ears nearly touched the roof of their broken down stable. Tommy was dangerously skinny and had overgrown hooves, which were painful for him to walk on.

Source: The Donkey Sanctuary

Hannah Bryer, senior welfare adviser at the association, told The Dodo:

It’s horrifying to think of how long [Timmy] had been shut in what I could only describe as his own personal prison. I just wanted to get them out of there as quickly as possible.

Source: The Donkey Sanctuary

The owner of the pair has since been charged with animal cruelty. As for Timmy and Tommy, they were immediately taken to the organization's sanctuary in Devon for treatment.

Source: The Donkey Sanctuary

Ever since, the 2 friends have finally been able to be free, sticking together like glue as they enjoy all their new life has to offer. The trials and suffering they went through together has forged a strong bond between them, and if you see one, you know the other isn't far behind! Happy and safe, they never have to worry about dirty, tumbledown barns or neglect ever again.

Source: The Donkey Sanctuary

To help support The Donkey Sanctuary, please click here to make a donation!

Source: The Donkey Sanctuary

See the video of the moving rescue here:


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