These Stunning Photos Of Blind Kitties Are Helping Them Get Adopted


Casey Christopher is an American photographer based in Los Angeles, who has been using her talent for the better. She goes around to animal shelters and takes beautiful portraits of pets to help them get adopted.

An avid cat lover, Christopher recently started to focus her attention on blind kitties. Her idea was to prove that they're all just as adorable and adoptable as "normal" cats, and that they're beautiful despite their handicap.

It's sadly very difficult for blind kitties to be adopted. They're considered as "less cute" and people never want a blind pet as their first choice. Pet owners are usually also wary of the extra attention required by a blind cat.

So the photographer hopes that this project will let their beauty shine, and that these pets will find a loving home. She paired up with Milo's Sanctuary, a shelter dedicated to blind cats where they feel no different from any other cat.

Have a look at the young artist's most beautiful and adorable portraits:

1. Pixie


Source: Instagram 

2. Daisy 


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3. Cooper


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4. Thomas


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5. Phoenix 


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6. Regis


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7. Oliver


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8. Charlie


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9. Beatrice 


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10. Thistle


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11. Ember


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12. Ivy 


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If you'd like to contribute to these little cats' happiness, you can make a donation toMilo's Sanctuary, that only exists thanks to generous donations. If you live in the area and are considering adopting a cat, think twice and see if a blind cat won't fit well in your home.

H/t: BoredPanda