These Puppies Were Abandoned In A Box Just After They Were Born

Andrea A.

On April 10, 2017, a resident of the state of Vermont probably didn't expect to make such a discovery while he was walking his dog.


Source: Central Vermont Humane Society

After opening a box abandoned on the side of a path, a man found nine tiny puppies, only a few hours old at most, reports The Dodo. Their umbilical cord hadn't even come off yet.

The Good Samaritan immediately brought the puppies to a local shelter, but the volunteers, knowing they didn't have the resources to care for them, contacted the Central Vermont Humane Society (CVHS).


Source: Central Vermont Humane Society

Erika Holm, director of operations at CVHS, confided to The Dodo:

Within a few hours of being discovered, they arrived at our shelter, and we had prepared a room in our shelter specifically to care for them. We immediately started bottle- and syringe-feeding the wee pups, and figuring out a plan to make sure they were cared for around the clock.


Source: Central Vermont Humane Society

Sadly, the association couldn't find the mother of the little ones. CVHS posted a notice to other veterinarians in the state asking for information about any dog who had recently given birth. Erika Holm explained:

No one saw these puppies being dumped, and nothing about their condition gives us any clues to what happened to the mom. We hope she is alive, and safe. We feel for her, and the pain she must have experienced when her puppies were taken from her.


Source: Central Vermont Humane Society

The puppies' state is stable, but the volunteers are still being overly cautious. At this age, the smallest problem could have dramatic consequences. The babies are fed every four hours. The volunteers also help them go to the bathroom, and work day and night to assure their well-being.


Source: Central Vermont Humane Society

Despite their efforts, one of the puppies didn't make it and passed away at the end of the month of April. The volunteers, despite their sadness, continue to take care of the others. They hope to see them grow up big and strong and find forever families who will take care of them.

You can help the Central Vermont Humane Society by making a donation here.

H/t: The Dodo

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