These Puppies Lost All Of Their Fur After Being Left In An Abandoned House


Six puppies, assumed to be Labrador and Pitbull mixes, were discarded in an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan, and luckily, were found by animal services in November 2015.The little canines were in a bad condition, as they had all been completely neglected, and contracted mange. They had lost all of their fur, and had pink, irritated and painful skin.


Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

They were brought to their local animal control center, which was already over capacity, and did not have the resources needed to treat such an advanced condition.So, they enlisted the help of Detroit Dog Rescue, who responded to their urgent appeal, and made their way to save the puppies.Kristin Rinaldi, director of the shelter, was shocked by the state that she found the dogs in, and described to The Dodo:

I've seen a lot of mange cases in my dog rescue career, but this was the worst mange I had ever seen.

Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

The puppies were going to need intensive care, but Rinaldi was willing to accept the challenge, and she rushed the six animals to the veterinary center.Sadly, it was already too late for two of the extremely ill canines, and they didn't survive the journey. The other four dogs, named Wilbur, Petunia, Pinkie and Arthur, were still in critical condition, and required urgent treatment.


Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

Veterinarians knew that the odds were stacked against them, but also knew that they could at least alleviate some of the dogs suffering, so they decided to try to help; and the puppies began on their long road to recovery.As their skin was so sensitive, the little animals were given baby onesies by staff at the DDR, tomake them more comfortable.


Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

Then, after around 12 weeks of intensive treatment, the puppies were ready to be transferred to foster homes, where they continued to receive around the clock care.The four-pawed animals began to grow back their fur, thin and sparse at first, but then thick and healthy. Within six to eight months, they all had full coats of fur again.


Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

After they had completely recovered, all four puppies were quickly adopted and moved on to their new forever homes, ready to forget their past and start their new happy lives.


Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

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