These People Risked Their Lives To Save A Baby Elephant From Certain Death

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Staff and guests atElephant Bedroom Camp (EBC), in the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, bravely went to the aid of a baby elephant from being swept to her death after she fell into the flooded Ewaso Nyiro river,writesThe Dodo.

Source: Elephant Bedroom Camp

Three staff members leapt into to save the animal, getting her to the safety of the riverbank. She was then taken to theReteti Elephant Orphanage, with the help ofSave the Elephantsand Samburu National Park rangers.

Elephant Bedroom Camp - SamburuOur staff and guests were this morning involved in the dramatic rescue of a baby elephant from the flooded Ewaso Nyiro river. The elephant calf whose mother could not be found was taken to the Reteti Elephant Orphanage in Namunyak Conservancy Samburu with help of Save the Elephants organization and Samburu National Reserve rangers#savetheelephants #babyelephantrescue #samburu #kenya #elephantbedroom #atuaenkop #welovewildlifePublié par Elephant Bedroom Camp - Samburu sur lundi 6 novembre 2017

Since they couldn't track down her mom, she's staying at the orphanage and has been named Ewaso. Her carer's say that she's recovered well from her ordeal, despite their worries. She even has a new best friend, another baby elephant called Lemorijo, who she loves to take mud baths with. Katie Rowe, one of the sanctuary's founders, says that she's developed an amazing and hilarious personality:

The other day, when it started raining, we had her go inside to her stall. She started trumpeting at everyone to let them know she wanted to keep playing outside. Then, when we let her out, she went barreling into the grass with her keeper.

Source: Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Ewaso is looked after by Mike and Leado, two very experienced keepers. Leado even sleeps in her stall at night, to make sure that she is safe and happy.To help look after orphaned baby elephants in Kenya, make a donation to Reteti here!

H/t: The Dodo

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