These Nine Puppies Were Just Thrown Out Of A Car Window In The Middle Of The Forest


On March 30, nine puppies around two months old were thrown out of a car window near Roche-en-Régnier, France. It was a cyclist riding behind the car who saw the passengers in the car seemingly throw several objects out the window on a forest road. Curious, he approached, and the car sped away.


 Source: Dominique Liotier

To his surprise, what he thought were simply "objects" were actually nine puppies, whose family had abandoned them in the middle of the forest. Sadly, one of them had sadly already died.Shocked, the cyclist immediately called the closest animal protection organization, who then contacted local police. Shortly after, they came and picked up the pups. An investigation was opened to try and identify the owners, who risk heavy punishment.

Placed in a foster family, the puppies are recovering from their rough start to life, even if their exact age and breed are still unknown. Céline Bonillo, vice president of the Polignac animal services, testified:

They were very hungry when they arrived, and they've eaten a lot since. They should be about two months old and seem to be Bernese Mountain Dog mixes. 

[caption id="attachment_33600" align="alignnone" width="600"]

Un chiot Bouvier Bernois. Source : CaniForum/Pattounes

A Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Source: CaniForum/Pattounes[/caption]In a few days, the puppies will be taken to the veterinarian who will determine their breed and age. They will also be vaccinated for the first time, and again next month.Once the vaccine is active, they will be handed over to a shelter who will try and find them loving families to offer them all the attention they deserve.

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