These Horrifying Photos Reveal The Destruction Caused By Plastic Waste On Animals

Andrea A.

Every year, eight tons of plastic - bags, bottles, string, bottle caps, etc. -land in the oceans. Seemingly innocuous for humans, these daily objects can have terrible consequences on marine life. These animals take this trash as food and swallow it, sometimes to the point of 'false fullness' - since they are unable to digest it - it can lead to malnutrition. They can also find themselves caught up in strings or bags, causing serious injuries, and sometimes death.This series of photographs highlights this tragic truth and reminds us of the harm humans can cause to the ocean and its inhabitants.1. Shark killed by ingesting garbage

Source: Aaron ODea

2. Tortoise trapped in a net

Source: NOAA

3. Stork covered in a plastic bag

Source: Getty Images

4. Seal caught in a net

Source: Coastal Care

5. Turtle shell crushed under the pressure of a plastic ring

Source: Earth Times

6. Ray entangled in a net

Source: Projet AWARE

7. Contents of the stomach of a baby albatros

Source: Chris Jordan

8. Chirebon, beach in Indonesia

Source: Projet AWARE

9. Cape fur seal suffocated to death 

Source: Martin Harvey

10. Whale imprisoned in a mound of nets

Source: EIA

In some cities, they are working to limit the number of plastic bags given to customers in an effort to limit waste and the number of bags thrown in to nature.Today, more than 150 million tons of plastic are floating on the ocean's surface. The Ellen McArthur Foundation conducted an alarming study, which reveals that in 2050, if nothing is done, the Earth will have more trash than fish. Of the 300 million tons of trash that are produced every year in the world, 10 % end up in the ocean.

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