These Groundbreaking Companies Are Offering Paid Time Off To Employees Who Adopt A Puppy


The arrival of a puppy in a new home is an event for all members of the family. While they need lots of love and attention in the first months of their life, too often, these balls of energy are left alone throughout the day while parents and kids are at work or school.If they're left by themselves for too long, puppies can feel alone and abandoned, but can also suffer from urinary problems after holding it in for several hours.


Source: Goldheart Golden Retriever Rescue

A studyput together by National Geographic explains that the maximum length of time a puppy can be left alone in a house depends on his age. To estimate the maximum recommended time in hours, take the age of the puppy in months and add one. For example, a two-month-old puppy can stay alone three hours, and a four-month-old can stay alone five hours.For a family who is gone from the house almost all day long, these numbers can seem constricting, and many people hire pet sitters, or for the places that allow it, bring their dogs with them to work.


 Source: Seattle Humane

To allow their employees to raise their new friends under optimal conditions, several progressive businesses have found a third solution, and offer paid time off for employees who have adopted a puppy.While, for a few years now, several companies have distinguished themselves by offering paid days off for employees who have just lost their pets, this new measure is more rare.


 Source: YouTube/Great Gatsby the Corgi

In the United Kingdom, three companies have adopted this tactic. BitSol Solutions, a technology company in Manchester; BrewDog, a Scottish brasserie in Ellon; and Mars Petcare, a branch of the group Mars specialized in pet food.Each of these three companies offers 10 hours a week in paid time off, and this measure will no doubt inspire other companies to follow suit in the future.

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