These Gorillas' Reaction To A Tiny Caterpillar Will Have You Cracking Up

Andrea A.

A visitor at Calgary Zoo in Canada managed to capture a very special moment last week. Despite their giant size, gorillas might not be asmacho as they seem.


Source : @Youtube

In fact, these two gorillas couldn't be more gentle if they tried.


Source : @Youtube

When they spot a tiny caterpillar wiggling alongside their cage, you'd have expected them to gobble it up straight away. But not these two gorillas, they watch it in awe, confused by the little creature making its way up and down their cage.They are extremely curious, and it's as if they look at each other for support on the hairy matter. What on earth is this creature?


Source : @Youtube

Could it be that these enormous primates are actually scared of the tiny insect? See what you think here:

Featured image: @Youtube/ Via : @TheDodo