These Four Huskies Were Abandoned In The Middle Of Paris

Andrea A.

Four huskieswere abandoned in the court of an apartment block in Paris, France with no food or water in November 2017. Starving, the two males and two females were shut in cages for most of the day, covered in their own feces and urine, and left to their own devices by their owner, who left them with no protection against the wind, rain and cold.

Source: Fondation Assistance aux Animaux

Stressed and scared, the dogs were howling and barking, absolutely miserable in a place where even their most basic needs were not being met.After an anonymous tip from a concerned neighbor, an investigator from La Fondation Assistance aux Animaux ('the Animal Assistance Foundation' in French) came to seize the dogs, named Lissy, Ice, Oreo and Boy.

Source: Fondation Assistance aux Animaux

The police helped take custody of the traumatized huskies and will investigate the owner after the rescue group lodged a complaint against them.If prosecuted, they could face up to two years in prison and a fine of up to 30,000 Euros (around $36,000).

4 HUSKY EN DETRESSE VITALE EN PLEIN PARIS⚠SAUVETAGE DE 4 HUSKY EN PLEIN PARIS!?Paris 18ème le 17 nov 2017❗LA PETITION POUR LE PROCUREUR DE PARIS MERCI DE SIGNER TRES URGENT :➡La vidéo montre les chiens en pleine canicule, sous la pluie, enfermés et hurlant à la mort. On y voit un chien qui cherche à manger ses excréments et des conditions de vie honteuses! des images du sauvetage fin temporaire du calvaire.Publié par Khalee Protection Animale sur jeudi 7 décembre 2017

As this case shows, purebred dogs can end up in shelters and rescues, just like any other dog. If you're looking for a specific breed, please check your local shelters to see whether you could give a second chance to a wonderful pet.

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