These Dancers' Dogs Accompany Them To Work To Help Combat Stress


The ABT (American Ballet Theatre) is a company of New York dancers whose dogs get involved in their rehearsals. Why, you ask? Because it creates a more relaxed atmosphere for the ballerinas.

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Rehearsing in the studio or whilst on tour, the dancers at ABT get to point their toes in front of their four-legged companions. Since the 80s, Shih Tzu's, Poodle's, Dalmation's and Golden Retriever's have been sitting in on dance rehearsals to create a calmer atmosphere.

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Indeed, a study published in 2009 by the magazine Veterinary Clinics Of North America, proved that simply being in the presence of a pet was good for one's physical and mental health. And this New York dance company certainly agrees...Tina Escoda, ABT's artistic administrator, explained to Wall Street Journal why dogs are particularly useful during rehearsal sessions:

Because it’s a very stressful work environment, there’s so much competition—it’s friendly competition—it’s very exhausting, emotionally and physically. The dogs provide such a great relief.

Check out some of the awesome photos of the dancers and their dogs on the company's Instagram account:

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When can we have dogs in every office in the world?

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