These Clever Dogs Are Doing It For Themselves. Opening Doors, Taps, And Even Fridges...

You know when you let your dog outside to go do their business but you have to wait for them to finish so you can let them back in? Well, you don't need to with these clever pups!The Dodo recently published a video of some doggies who just know how to do. They can even hold their leads and walk themselves.


Source: @YouTube

One dog was heard saying, "Is it lunchtime yet? Best open the fridge and see what there is to cook up today, then..."Another one realised his human had tried to go to the bathroom without him...


Source: @YouTube

As the caption accompanying the clips reads:

 A strong independent dog don't need no man. 

Maybe they're right! But who's gonna give them all their cuddles?!Watch these hilarious, independent pups here:

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