These Blind Twin Sisters Adopted An Abandoned Disabled Pitbull For Christmas

Tianna is a 10-year-old girl who was sadly born blind. Her twin sister, Gianna, who is also blind, also suffers from autism. Life is complicated for these two little girls who areslowly realising as they grow up that they are different from other children.


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Recently, the twins' mother,Dana Polito-Corry, met this gorgeous pup, named Carmella. This lovely femalePitbull with a tragic past was up for adoption at a shelter in New Jersey, US.


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Imprisoned in a tiny cage for years by her first family, the poor dog developed some serioushealth problems: deformed front legs and a deformed spine.Due to her disabilities which meant she struggled to walk, no one wanted to adopt her.It's been a year that she's been waiting in the shelter for someone to offer her a loving home.

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Dana felt a huge sense of empathyfor the pup and knew that the best place for her would be in her home with her two little girls.

"I want to adopt a disabled dog" 

And it wasn't because she got on so well with Carmella. A few weeks before, in the Christmas spirit, one of the twins, Tianna, had told her mum her wish to adopt "a disabled dog".


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Well, her Christmas wish has been granted. And all of Carmella's hopes and dreams of finding a loving family have come true, too.Carmella has only been in her new home for a few days now but she's already getting on so well with the two blind sisters.


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We hope they can all help each other and we're sure this is the start of a lifetime love!

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