These Abused And Starving Dogs Just Escaped A Nightmare But More Are Still Waiting To Be Saved

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The death of their owner plunged 64 Greyhounds into a nightmare. The family of the deceased, incapable of caring for them, fed the animals with boiled cabbage,reportsThe Dodo.


Source: IFAW

The dogs were extremely malnourished and suffered from a number of health problems and traces of poor treatment. At the beginning of the month of April, the associationGreyhound Rescue South Africafinally intervened. They were supported by the organization,Community Led Animal Welfare(CLAW), a partner of theInternational Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Only 11 of the Greyhounds were able to be rescued on the first trip and were immediately transported to the CLAW sanctuary.


Source: IFAW

Sheena Dale, member of IFAW and project director at CLAW, explained:

In South Africa greyhounds are used for hunting and poaching.

While there are laws that prohibit the use of dogs for hunting, they are rarely enforced, to the detriment of the animals' well-being, but also for the wild animals being hunted like foxes and porcupines.

The Greyhounds saved by the association had a number of traces from their tragic hunting past. Their backs were covered with scars from being whipped. Some of the animals also suffered from non-treated tumors or eye problems. One of the dogs was brought to a veterinary clinic, where she needed emergency surgery to remove her eye.


Source: IFAW

The dogs were all extremely weak, and one of them, exhausted, lay down in his food to be able to eat without collapsing. Taren Welthagen, director of CLAW, confided:

We piled all the kennels high with soft blankets and, very quickly, each kennel had a long snout and even longer legs poking out of their entrances.

A few days after the rescue, the family who was still holding on to the remaining Greyhounds, finally accepted to hand over five more of the animals to the association. The dogs were able to little by little regain their strength. Of the 16, 11 of them have already found foster or forever families.


Source: IFAW

Sheena Dale declared to The Dodo :

Many of the fosterers are falling in love and we get regular updates that they will be keeping their greyhound permanently. There is still a great deal of interest surrounding the greyhounds and they should all find loving, caring homes.

The group is still working to try and save the remaining animals. To help them, you can click here to make a donation!


Source: IFAW

H/t: The Dodo

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