These Abandoned Cats Who Had One Eye Between Them Refuse To Give Up


Lucy is a blind persian cat who, until recently, relied on her one-eyed sister, Lola, to be her guide. Sadly, Lola has since lost her eye and the pair are adjusting to their new way of life together.The felines were initially found in Boise, Idaho, byHappy Jack Cats, a small rescue organization for cats. They were two years old and weighed just two pounds, making them severely underweight, reports Love Meow.


Source: Facebook/Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue

Happy Jack Cats is a modest rescue center, and staff quickly realized that, despite their best efforts, they had neither the rescources nor the funds to accommodate the furry pair.They reached out to around fifty other centers asking for help, and received very little response. In fact, the only shelter that replied wasSpecialty Purebred Cat Rescue, located 1,600 miles away in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Source: Specialty Purebred Cats Rescue

Luckily, they were happy to take the special sisters in, and even fly them out, as long as they were healthy enough to make the trip. After a check up from the vet, the felines were deemed strong enough to fly, and made their way to their new home.Since their arrival, the sisters have received round the clock care and in two months have more than doubled their body weight, to over four pounds.


Source: Facebook/Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue

Staff at both Happy Jack Cats and SPCR were amazed by the strong bond between the sisters. When Lola isn't around, Lucy won't eat or go to her cat bed until her sister comes back home.Sadly, despite receiving thorough medical care, Lola's remaining eye recently ruptured. It had to be removed, meaning that she too is now blind. The SPCR reports that:

Lola is back home from the vet and she’s feeling so much better and eating up a storm. Surgery went well and with a full belly, it’s nap time.

Source: Facebook/Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue

This Persian pair has already overcome so much, and cats are very adaptable creatures, so it seems clear that they will adjust to their new situation well. Sue Lentz of the SPCR continues:

They are a truly remarkable pair of sisters, who have gone through so much diversity and pain, but who never give up, because they know, they have each other.

However, they still require lots of costly medical care. If you would like to helpSpecialty Purebred Cat Rescueto continue their amazing work with Lola and Lucy, you can make a donation, here.If you would also like to help Happy Jack Cats with their rescue missions, you can make a donation,here.

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