These 5 Dogs Are So Traumatized By Their Past On A Meat Farm They Don't Even Know They're Safe


Five dogs who were rescued from meat farms in Korea are still haunted by their traumatizing past, months after being rescued.The canines had been locked up and abused their whole lives and were terrified of being touched. They shook and cried any time someone would come near for fear that they were next to be taken to the slaughterhouse. They had to be tranquilized in order to be spayed or neutered.


Source: Nami Kim

After five months, they still didn't even realize that they had been rescued.The organization, Save Korean Dogs, is run by Nami Kim. They have dubbed the five dogs "The Trauma Troop" and they are going to be transported to other countries where they can get a fresh start in life.


Source: Nami Kim

Over80,000 dogs are sold into the meat market each year in Korea. Kim has been working with local authorities and other animal welfare activists to shut down as many dog farms as possible.In 2015, they saved 960 dogs, shutting down six farms and three restaurants. Sadly, a small dent in the annual consumption, but a big step towards progress.


Source: Nami Kim

Save Korean Dogs also looks to change the way citizens look at dog meat to prevent it in the long-term.For now these pups will have to be readjusted to human contact through lots of love and patience. They are desperately in need of homes and foster families for these and all of the dogs in their care. To find out how to help, click here. You can also donate to help Kim with her efforts, here.Watch a touching video about one of their many rescues below:

H/t: The Dodo