3 Confused Pit Bulls Trapped In A Drain For Hours Are Finally Rescued

Andrea A.

Last October in Florida, police officers saved three Pit Bulls who had got stuck behind a sewer drain. Matt Rush's trained ear picked up onthe distressed barking, which seemed to be coming from nowhere when he droveby the the city of Cocoa.


Source: @WFTV Channel 9

The policeman stopped to investigate. To his great surprise, he found three panic-stricken Pit Bulls trapped under the road, their muzzles poking out from behind the grill of a drain.Matt Rush says:

My first thought was how in the world did they get in there and how did I manage to hear them?

The officer immediately called for reinforcement to help with the animals. Other policemen and fireman quickly arrived on the scene.


Source: @WFTV Channel 9

They carefully take off the grill which was imprisoning the dogs, put leashes round their necks and managed to haul them out gently, towards firmground...The Pit Bulls were altogether very calm and collected, letting the policemen take care of them. Nonetheless, they were obviouslyrelieved to have finally got out.


Source: @WFTV Channel 9


Source: @WFTV Channel 9

Nobody knows how long they were trapped, nor how they managed to get there.The policemen believe that the pups snuck into the drain after it was accidentally left open by the city's workers, and couldn't get out again.


Source: @WFTV Channel 9

They were then taken in by special services, whowill care for the dogs until they can find their owners. And hopefully they'llforget about this little mistake!Watch the video which captures their moving rescue:

Watch: 3 pit bulls rescued from sewer drainA Cocoa police officer found three pit bulls huddled in a sewer drain on the side of the highway. Animal Services is caring for the dogs and trying to find the owners. Read the full story here: http://at.wftv.com/1GGDkgxWatch the heartwarming rescue:Posted by WFTV Channel 9 on Tuesday, October 27, 2015