These 3 Good Dogs Run For Miles And Miles Every Day To Restore Forests Ravaged By Fires

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In January 2017, Chilean forests were ravaged by devastating fires. They reduced 467,000 hectares of forest to dust and took 11 lives in the process.To try and repair the ecological damage, the Chilean government came up with a brilliant idea: use dogs to replant the trees and bring back the animals that used to call the forest their home.

Source: Pewos

Three Border Collies were chosen to carry out this hugely important task: five-year-old Das along with Summer and Olivia, both one year old.The impressive trio charge around the destroyed forests armed with backpacks full of seeds, spreading them as they go.

Source: Pewos

The goal of this mission is to allow the animals that used to call the forests their home to return to their natural habitats. Francisa Torres, director of the association Pewsonguides the three dogs.Das, Summer and Olivia obey her totally and quickly learned not to disturb or attack the animals that they cross as they run.

Source: Pewos

The dogs can cover much larger distances than humans trying to do the same work. The special canine can cover up to 18 miles in one day and plant up to 25 pounds of seeds. In only three months, they have already covered 15 forests and their efforts are most definitely paying off. Francisca explains:

We already have meadows that are completely green and its totally down to the work of Summer, Olivia and Das.

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However, the problem isn't completely solved. Constanza, Francisca's sister explains:

The situation is critical because the bees have nothing to eat. Normally at this time of year they can feed off of the trees natural to this area which still have flowers, but right now there's nothing.

The Pewos association estimates that in five years the forest will return to its former glory and Chilean forests will be full of the biodiversity that was destroyed by the fires.

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