These 15 Images From The Dog Photographer Of The Year Competition Prove That Dogs Make The Cutest Models

Andrea A.

The Kennel Club, founded April 4th 1873, is the most important canine association in the United Kingdom, and one of the oldest and most respected in the world. For 12 years it has organised the Dog Photographer of the Year competition, and never fails to receive thousands of submissions. The competition has ten categories, and is a prestigious plume in the cap of those who win! Here are 15 of the winning photographs from this year's contest, all of them celebrating something unique about our most loyal companions:

1. Overall Winner and First Place in the 'Man's Best Friend' category: Maria Davison Ramos, Portugal

Source: Maria Davison

2. First Place in the 'Dogs at Play' category: Kaylee Greer, USA

Source: Kaylee Greer

3. Second Place in the 'Dogs at Play' category: Rodrigo Capuski, Brazil

Source: Rodrigo Capuski

4. First Place in the 'Dog Portrait' category: Anastasia Vetkovskaya, Russia

Source: Anastasia Vetkovskaya

5. Second Place in the 'Dog Portrait' category: David Yanez, United Kingdom

Source: David Yanez

6. Third Place in the 'Dog Portrait' category: Noel Bennett, United Kingdom

Source : Noel Bennett

7. First Place in the 'Dogs at Work' category: Sarah Caldecott, United Kingdom

Source: Sarah Caldecott

8. Second Place in the 'Dogs at Work' category: Lucy Charman, United Kingdom

Source: Lucy Charman

9. Third Place in the 'Dogs at Work' category: Peter Steffensen, Denmark

Source: Peter Steffensen

10. First Place in the 'Assistance Dogs' category: Alasdair Macleod, United Kingdom

Source: Alasdair Macleod

11. Second Place in the 'Assistance Dogs' category: John Ferrett, United Kingdom

Source: John Ferrett

12. Third Place in the 'Assistance Dogs' category: Julie Morrish, United Kingdom

Source: Julie Morrish

13. First Place in the 'Oldies' category: John Liot, United Kingdom

Source: John Liot

14. Second Place in the 'Oldies' category: Igor Abramovich, United Kingdom

Source: Igor Abramovich

15. Third Place in the 'Oldies' category: Tracy Kirby, Ireland

Source: Tracy Kirby

All of these magnificent photos celebrate how diverse our four-legged friends really areand the amazing relationships we have with them.See the other winners and past winners on the Kennel Club's website!

H/t: Bored Panda

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