These 120 Yorkshire Terriers Were Living Crammed In A Dirty House


Last January, the team at the Humane Societyof San Diego, California, orchestrated a rescue of massive proportions.


Source: Youtube/The SD Humane Society

They came to the aid of no less than 120 Yorkshire Terriers - someof which were only a few weeks old - who were living trapped in a dilapidated home. A number of them suffered from skin infections, parasites or other serious medical problems due to their living conditions.


Source: Youtube/The SD Humane Society

At first fearful with their rescuers, the dogs progressively relaxed after receiving their first baths and first cuddles.


Source: Youtube/The SD Humane Society

They are recovering in the NGO's shelter and will be available for adoption as soon as possible.


Source: Youtube/The SD Humane Society

The members of the Humane Societyare currently trying to gather the funds to pay for the medical care of the 120 dogs, whose bill will most likely be extremely high.


Source: Youtube/ The SD Humane Society

While it's impossible to erase their dark past, what counts is guaranteeing them a happy future where they'll receive all the love they deserve and live in suitable conditions.


Source: Youtube/The SD Humane Society

To support the work of this animal protection association and participate in helping finance the medical care of these adorable pups, you can make a donation here. Watch the full video of the impressive rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SCpvNldIao[/embed]

H/t: The SD Humane Society

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