11 Pictures Of Protective Breeds Who've Got Your Back

Dogs are known for their loyalty, and often their bravery too. There's a reason they're called "Man's Best Friend," and they will prove it with their protective nature.Whether it's through their bark or intimidating stature, these guys have got your back. Check out 11 images of some of the most protective breeds below:

1. Nothing gets past this guy


Source: Pinterest

2. This Rhodesian Ridgeback will chase down anyone who threatens you


Source: Irina Ivanova

3. A boxer who knows how to stop the paps


Source: Boxer Friendzy

4. He'll keep an eye on things for you


Source: kaia_the_gsd

5. This Pit Bull squad has got your back


Source: ruffinaroundallday

6. Dobermans are particularly ferocious


Source: Dmitriy Smirenko

7. This Great Pyrenees is playing body guard to these baby chicks


Source: mrbullywuppet

8. He will always protect his family


Source: Pinterest

9. This guy says "No way" to intruders


Source: Pinterest

10. This German Shepherd puppy will grow into that vest one day


Source: Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog

11. This baby is as safe as they come


Source: Pinterest

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