This Dog Breed Is Finally Getting The Recognition It Deserves. And You're Going To Love It

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Since June 22, the US has made a new breed of dog official: the Pumi Hongrois. The Pumi, plural Pumik, is the 190th breed to gain official recognition from the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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Of course, the Pumik has been around for many years. But official recognition from the AKC takes time.The Pumi had to wait no less than...17 years. The AKC requires that there are a minimum of 150 dogs on the official register and at least 300 of these dogs spread across the world.

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The Hungarian Pumi Club of America, which had long awaited official recognition, describes the dog's distinguishing features:

The Pumi is an active dog, combining the biddability and intelligence of the herding dog along with the alertness and activity of a terrier.

As cute as they are, the Pumik are nonetheless "created" by humans and bred to be sold. If you are looking to bring an animal into your life, always choose adoption over buying.

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