The World's Laziest Husky Will Absolutely Not Budge. And He Makes It Loud And Clear

Zeus has struck again.

The laziest (and the most stubborn) of Huskies who wouldn't get out of the bathtub a few weeks ago has done it again! This time, it's the couch that he refuses to leave.


Source: @YouTube

As usual, he makes his wishes perfectly clear to his human, forcing her into animated negotiations."Get off the couch...", "come on, you can't stay on the couch all day!", "stop talking back and let's go", she argues. Butto no avail.Zeus has no intention of going anywhere. Hear his desperate plea here:[embed][/embed]

And if you missed the bathtub episode which went viral with more than 5 million views, you can check it out here:


H/t: @TheDodo

Andrea A.