The Victorious Moment This Trapped Dog Is Freed After Searching Desperately For Food

Andrea A.

In the beginning of September in San Martin, Peru, a dog was saved from a trap which would certainly have killed him.The animal had gotten his head stuck in a hole as he was probably looking for food in the canals. Only his head was sticking out of the ground when the residents noticed him.


Source: BBC

They very quickly gathered a group of around twelve people and planned how to save the dog, Nikki, as he was later named.


Source: BBC

Nikki was dehydrated and panting heavily so his rescuers decided to first bring him some water. Then came the difficult job of freeing him. This involved shovels, a pickaxe and even a jackhammer as the residents tried to haul him out of the hole that was strangling his neck.


Source: BBC

Their method was simple and effective: crack and break the tar to free Nikki as quickly as possible.


Source: BBC

After a lot of hard work in sweltering heat, the job was done! The poor animal could finally free his head and move his body.


Source: BBC

Nikki might have been stuck in the hole for any number of hours, but luckily he showed no signs of injury and seemed to be perfectly healthy as he was freed.Watch the brave team working to rescue Nikki in this video:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VfTkhUFl3k[/embed]Nikki is almost certainly a stray dog, one of the thousands in Peru, but he has thankfully been temporarily adopted by one of the rescuers while they search for a permanent family willing to take the dog in.