5 Essential Tips For Travelling With Your Pup. And What To Do If They Don't Join You


Here at Holidog, we could talk about animals all day. But we also spend a lot of time making sure our canine and feline friends are as happy and comfortable as possible.If you're sure that your pet cannot come on holiday with you, we can help you find a dog or cat lover who can look after your furry friend whilst your away. It can either be in the comfort of your own home or at theirs which will be very close to you. Click here to find out more!

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It's that time of year you've been desperately anticipating... You're going on holiday! But what to do with the dog?




Well, here at Holidog, we think you should treat your pup to a holiday too and bring him with you! How on earth are we going to do that, we hear you ask.Here are our top tips for preparing and enjoying the best holiday ever with your pup.

1. Plan ahead


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It may sound silly, but if you're considering bringing your pup along on holiday, then you're gonna need to plan quite a bit in advance.Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations, and you've got an up to date copy of all his important documents. Your dog should also be microchipped just in case.Then you just need to figure out if it's possible for your dog to join the ride. Literally. Can he go in the rented car? Or have a spot in the hotel room? Does he need a dog passport?

2. How to have an easy car journey



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Realistically, if you're taking yourdog on holiday, the safest and easiest way to travel is by car. If you have a little travel crate that they are comfortable in, bring that instead of letting them roam around the car while you're trying to concentrate on steering. There are also dog harnesses for cars.Make sure your dog has enough water and some toys to chew on in the back. Also take regular breaks so that they can have a little run around and relieve themselves.

3. If you need to go by plane


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If you're planning on going somewhere a bit further away, your dog may have to fly. Flying for dogs can be rather uncomfortable and nerve-wracking if they have to go in the hold. So try and take them in the cabin with you.Remember a lot of airlines don't allow pets onboard, and the ones that do are quite expensive.Do some research before you start planning doggy beach excursions.You can also bring your dog along on most boats and ferries, just double check before.

4. What about accommodation?

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If you want your pet to stay the night with you in your hotel room, look up pet-friendly hotels at your destination. Otherwise, they may be allowed to camp with you or stay in a caravan park. Always bring your dog's bed along with you in case, and it will make them more comfortable as it's familiar.

5. Final considerations...

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Before you let your dog roam free along the beach, make sure you know where the nearest vet is in your holiday destination. Also, stock up on enough dog food for the week. Don't forget their collar and lead, and of course, their favourite toy.

If your animal doesn't come with you, doesn't he deserve to have an amazing holiday too?


Sometimes you might be going somewhere a bit too far away to bring your beloved pet. Or maybe the idea of a holiday doesn't include walking your dog early every morning! So, for whatever reason, you need someone to help look after your pet while you're away. No problem.At Holidog, wecan help you find a dog or cat lover who can look after your furry friend whilst your away. Plenty of cuddles, going on walkies, playing games... It can either be in the comfort of your own home or at theirs which will be very close to you. They can come and give your cat daily visits or look after your dog in their own home. It's completely up to you. We can guarantee that you are only 3 clicks away from finding a petsitter near you!We hope you have a fun and stress-free holiday with or without your furry friend!

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