The Ugly Truth Behind These Photos Of Incredible Hybrid Animals

Only a handful of hybrid animals are born naturally. These 'accidents' of nature have rarely ever been spotted in the wild. Rather, most of these bizarre and 'wonderful' creatures have been bred in captivity for human,selfish reasons.Hybridsmay beinteresting to look at, but animals are not born for our entertainment. By cross-breeding these animals, they are at risk ofbeing born with genetic defects and most of them don't evensurvive to adulthood. Many hybrids are stillborn too.

Grolar Bear (Polar Bear + Grizzly Bear)


Source: @N-Tv

Grolar bears may appear naturally, but for man-made reasons. Sadly, climate change has been destroying polar bear habitats, and this forces them to move further South. There, they meet and mate with grizzly bears to make this hybrid.

Liger (Male Lion + Female Tiger)


Source: @Wikipedia

A liger is a mix between a lion and a tiger and it is the biggest feline in the world. These animals were not created in the wild, they were bred in captivity. Most of them are crippled by severe health issues.The fact a woman is standing next to this enormous animal shows how unnatural the circumstances are.

Cama (Llama + Camel)


Source: @Flickr

The cruel breeding methods for hybrids are shocking. Take for example the 'cama', a cross between a camel and a llama. Since camels weigh so much more than llamas, 'camas' must be bred through artificial insemination.And why breed these hybrids? Because humans want all the wool from a llama but more of it by mixing it with the bigger camel.

Jaglion (Male Jaguar + Female Lion)


Source: @Pinterest

These animals have been bred for purely aesthetic reasons, born in theBear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. They tend to develop cancer from a young age.

Zebroid (Zebra + Horse/Donkey)


Source: @Panoramio

Crosses between zebras and other equines started to be bred in the 19th century. They are particularly aggressive and virtually impossible to be tamed, an effect of being bred unnaturally. Like almost all hybrids, they cannot produce offspring.

Wholphin (Male False Killer Whale + Female Bottlenose Dolphin)


Source: @Flickr

Even though false killer whales and dolphins belong to the same genetic pool, a hybrid of the two is incredibly rare. Only one wholphin currently exists, it lives in captivity at Sea Life Park in Hawaii.

What does the future hold?

Animals are not here for humans to interfere with by genetically engineering them.The fact that the majority of these hybrid animals are usually born sterile proves how unnatural this type of breeding is.

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