The Touching Moment A Schoolgirl Puts Her Coat Over A Dog To Shelter Him From The Rain

Andrea A.

Over the past few days, photos of a young Peruvian girl offering shelter and comfort to a stray dog caught in the pouring rain have gone viral. In Huancayo, Peru, a young girl named Daniela Segura Morales was clearly moved to see a poor stray dog getting soaked in the rain with nowhere to go for some shelter.

Posted by Memes FIS UNCP on Saturday, April 16, 2016

So the schoolgirl stopped and knelt beside him to put her school blazer over him and shelter him from the rain. She gently dried him with her uniform, as she could see how cold he was.A passerby who witnessed the special moment take place managed to capture it and share it on social media.

Posted by Memes FIS UNCP on Saturday, April 16, 2016

Within a few hours, internet users all over the world were thanking Daniela for her kindness towards the animal.The two photos were later shared on a Peruvian university's Facebook page who commented:

Realising that there are still people out there who care about animals fills us with joy. Just to see the young girl drying the dog with her own clothes with no cares about what anyone would think of her.

"I don't know what to say", the humble young girl replied to the comments.Daniela is an inspiration to us all and we should all learn from her.