The Touch-And-Go Rescue Of A German Shepherd Clinging To A Piece Of Ice

A few weeks ago, a dog fell into the freezingVolga River in Russia and was stuck clinging to a piece of ice for his life. He would have drowned or frozen to death had the rescue team not found him in the nick of time.Luckily, the German Shepherd was rescued right at the last minute by a patrol boat. The team caught sight of the dog and immediately hurried to rescue him.


Source : @Youtube

The terrified dog was literally floating on a thin piece of ice, desperately trying to hold onto it. His rescuers had to act fast before he lost his grip and fellunder the ice. Luckily, one of them grabbed onto him straight away and pulled him onboard the boat.The animal was clearly in a state of shock, shaking from the cold and from his terror, he couldn't move. We're pleased to say he is back home safe and sound now and in good health.Watch the nail-biting footage here:

Featured image :  @Youtube

Andrea A.