The Top 9 Fantastic Dog Breeds Who Can Live In Apartments

Andrea A.

Some dogs are not really suited to life in an apartment, but others can happily - provided that their human is attentive and aware of their needs. Here are the top 9 dog breeds perfectly adapted to apartment life:

1. Chihuahuas

Source: The Dogist

Originating from the eponymous Mexican state, the Chihuahua is an ancient breed domesticated by the Toltecs between the 10th and 13th centuries.Very energetic with an excellent temperament, they can be difficult to train, but aren't ones to be intimidated by dogs (or anything) bigger than they are!

2. Yorkshire Terriers

Source: The Dogist

This breed was born in the 19th century in the Yorkshire region of Northern England, where it gets its name from.First used to hunt rats and rabbits, Yorkies soon became known as excellent companion dogs. Devoted to their humans, this little dog still needs a firm hand to make sure it stays out of trouble.

3. Shih Tzus

Source: The Dogist

Originally from Tibet, the Shih Tzu, which means "lion dog" in tibetan, is a breed made by crossing a Lhassa-Apso and a Pekingese.In the 19th century, the empress of China kept them as companion animals and popularized the breed. Calm, but also sociable, this sweet dog is good with children.

4. Malteses

Source: Dog Breed Plus

Contrary to what their name might tell you, Malteses do not come from Malta, but from the city of Melita in Sicily.An ancient breed, they were popular with rich Romans. Intelligent and loyal, the Maltese does not like to be left alone.

5. Boxers

Source: The Dogist

The Boxer was born in the 1880's after breeders crossed a Bullenbeisser, a breed that has now disappeared, and an English Bulldog.A medium sized dog, they can live in apartments perfectly well as long as they get enough exercise. Sweet-tempered dogs with their families, they can be formidable guard dogs if they think their humans are in danger.

6. Pekingeses

Source: The Dogist

The Pekingese was a sacred breed in the imperial court of its native China. Many were stolen during the sacking of the Summer Palace by British troops in 1860, and the breed became very popular in Europe.Very loyal, Pekingeses can reveal themselves to be excellent guard dogs. These tiny pooches can be very headstrong and need an equally determined person to train them.

7. Coton de Tulears

Source: The Dogist

The breed comes from the region of Madagascar after which it's named, and because of it's cotton-soft coat. Affectionate and energetic, they are fantastic companion dogs, but are terrified of being left alone.

8. Pugs

Source: The Dogist

Originally from China, the Pug arrived in the Netherlands in the 17th century. Many monarchs and European nobles, such as Queen Marie-Antoinette of France and Queen Victoria of England, loved the little dogs and helped spread their popularity.Very gentle and attached to their humans, Pugs are also lively and friendly towards strangers.

9. French Bulldogs

Source: The Dogist

Originally a cross between the English Bulldog and Parisian ratting dogs, they were used to hunt rats for butchers in Paris. Loyal and friendly, French Bulldogs are ideal playmates for children. They are very attached to family members and hate being separated from them.So for all those who thought that city life would stand in the way of their dreams of owning a dog, one of these adorable pooches could be right for you! You can also check out animal shelters in your city to give an abandoned animal a family.

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