The Top 4 Least Adopted Shelter Dogs

Andrea A.

Some dogs have less luck than others, spending years, and sometimes their whole lives in kennels without ever meeting potential adopters.But why is this the case? French charity 30 Million D'Amis decided to compile a list of reasons as to why certain dogs are sadly ignored, even though they deserve just as much as others, to find a loving family.The following are the least adopted dogs:

1. Elderly dogs

Source: Vetstreet

Older dogs have less of a chance at finding a home as people prefer puppies or younger dogs. However, adopting an old dog comes with many advantages. They are much calmer then puppies, often needing no training, making them the perfect pet for all the family. Just because they are older does not necessarily mean they are sick. It is also worth knowing that shelters often have inferior tarifs for older dogs.

2. Category dogs

Source: Dog Breed List

Mastiff's sadly have a reputation as "ferocious beasts" which definitely harms their adoption rate. Considered dangerous, they are often seen as "scary", as Anne Puggionie, head of the 30 Million D'Amis shelter in Tuilerie, explains. (77). The adoption of a category 2 dog also requires administrative procedures, which often discourages potential adopters.

3. Sick dogs

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The price of medication that sick dogs need is sometimes an obstacle for adoption. In order to overcome this, certain shelters even offer to cover their veterinary bills. Don't hesitate to ask.

4. Working dogs

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Malinois shepherds, German shepherds, often struggle to find homes due to their past as working dogs, assigned to security. Some even come from a background of abuse and exploitation, often presenting symptoms of trauma. Anne Puggionie explains:

They are difficult dogs to place: as a first dog, they're complicated. For a family with children, they can be incompatible. And finally, even for a couple they can be difficult as some only have one owner.

They need experienced, patient, owners who'll be able to offer them a suitable living environment. This sadly reduces their chances of being adopted.Shelters are overpopulated with adorable animals just waiting to find a loving family. Adopt, don't shop! It is a true pity to bring animals into the world with the sole aim of selling them. Animals are not goods to be sold. Adopting an animal will save not just one but two lives; one of the animal you're welcoming into your home, and the other being the one who will take their free space in the shelter.