The Top 11 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Andrea A.

Discovering that you're allergic to felines is a disaster for any cat-lover. But you can put away the tissues; there are some breeds that cause less of a reaction, if any at all.Here are the top 11!

1. The Burmese

Source: AFP

Originally from Thailand, the Burmese is a cat that loves human company. Full of energy, they have vivid and outgoing personalities.

2. The Bengal

Source: Bengalthor

Whatever their name might tell you, the Bengal actually comes from the U.S., although they are named after their bigger cousins. They are quite large cats, lively, curious and intelligent.

3. The Cornish Rex

Source: Catster

The Cornish Rex is a recent breed from the United Kingdom, well known for its short, curly fur. Very sociable creatures, they hate being alone and get on very well with other cats and animals.

4. The Ocicat

Source: Pinterest

Ocicats were created in 1964 in the United States. They are very active cats who appreciate both animal and human company, and are often nicknamed 'cat-dogs' for how affectionate they are.

5. The Javanese

Source: Cat Breed Selector

Another tricky name! Named after an island in Indonesia, they were actually first bred in the U.S., and occasionally called 'Mandarins'. They don't have an undercoat, which is why they are hypoallergenic! They are lively and talkative.

6. The Balinese

Source: Elelur

Yet another U.S. native sneakily named after another country. They are descended from the Siamese and have inherited many of their strong personality traits, such as their affectionate natures and loud, drawling meows.

7. The Oriental Shorthair

Source: I Heart Cats

These cats are actually from Thailand and were imported to Europe in 1850. Intelligent and dynamic, they are the perfect family cat.

8. The Russian Blue

Source: Pinterest

Russian Blues first appeared in Russia and Scandinavia, they are very attractive cats with blue-gray fur and bright green eyes. They are quiet and sociable, but a little shy around strangers, who have to work to gain their trust.

9. The Siberian

Source: Chats sibériens

From Russia, these cats are furry, large, sweet and calm. Since they produce very little FEL D1, the protein that causes allergies, they are the most hypoallergenic cats.

10. The Siamese

Source: Planète animale

The Siamese was born in Thailand and imported to England in the 19th century. They are needy and cuddly cats, as well as very intelligent. They are very well known for their talkative natures and love having 'conversations' with their humans.

11. The Sphynx

Source: CatTime

This unusual breed has no fur and comes from Canada. They love to snuggle up to their humans and meet new people. Their humans must pay particular attention to their skin, in case it becomes irritated.

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