The Top 10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


All cats can be affectionate now and then, but most felines are also thought to be highly independent! These 10 breeds of cat from all around the globe definitely don't fit that stereotype, and would love to cuddle with you all day...

1. Burmese Cat

Originally from Thailand, Burmese cats are widely thought to be THE most affectionate cat breed. They maintain their kitten-like energy and playfulness into adulthood, and are extremely people-orientated. They are often described as "dog-like" due to their highly sociable and affectionate personalities. Burmese cats are also very vocal about how much they love their owners!

2. Balinese Cat

These cats are among the most sociable and playful. Balinese cats are always very interested in any activity going on around them, and are thought the be the most intelligent of all the long-haired cat breeds.Despite their long coat they are also hypoallergenic, due to the fact that they produce very small amounts of the FEL D1 protein which causes allergic reactions.

3. Snowshoe Cat

Kindly and sweet-tempered, Snowshoe cats love human company and are great with kids. They are highly active cats which love to perch in high places, run through water or even swim. They are so intelligent that they can learn to open doors and are even capable of simple tricks such as fetch.

4. Somali Cat

The Somali cat is a descendant of the Abyssinian cat. Highly curious about their environment, Somali cats love to explore their surroundings are as such are certainly not lap cats. They need lots of toys and puzzles to keep their minds occupied, and can really be quite mischevious at times. Like the Snowshoe they also love water, and are known to enjoy playing with bathroom taps!

5. Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Folds love attention from their owners in any form, be it playtime, cuddling or just having a chat (they are very conversational and tend to miaow a lot). They are also fairly fussy cats, and become unhappy if in an unclean environment . Their ears require regular attention; it is necessary to clean them occasionally to keep them healthy.

6. Havana Brown Cat

Traditionally, this cat was believed to offer people protection from evil. They are a rich tobacco colour, and personality-wise they are outgoing and very friendly. Due to their Siamese ancestry, they are very talkative, and enjoy communicating with their owners. Their very active nature is balanced out by their cuddly side.

7. Ragdoll Cat

Ragdolls are thought to be the most docile breed of cat. This can be seen in the way they become limp and relaxed while being held by their owners, hence the name "Ragdoll". They are renowned lapcats due to their love of being stroked and cuddled.

8. Russian Blue Cat

Somewhat more reserved than other breeds, the Russian Blue is also quieter and very sensitive to human emotions. Though often reserved with new people, they have a keen memory, and will greet familiar visitors to their home. They develop loyal bonds with their close family.

9. Siberian Cat

These fluffy cats love to follow their favourite person around to see what they're up to, and will even join in to "help" with tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Historically used for mousing, they have strong hunting instincts and will chase after anything they can find.

10. Tonkinese

Like their ancestors (the Siamese and Burmese cats), Tonkinese cats are talkative, highly active and playful. Many think that the Tonkinese's miaow is sweeter and softer than that of the Siamese or Burmese. They love to ride on their person's shoulder or follow them arond the house, and pick up tricks quickly.