The Tender Moment A 6-Month Old Puppy Meets His Baby Sister For The First Time

The moment Kenzo, the six-month-old Shiba Inu puppy, meets his four-week-old baby sister Maya is pretty magical. The Shiba Inu pup had never met a baby human before and initially seemed indifferent to Maya's presence...


Source: @UrbanFox

Until his human encouraged him to meet her.Hesitant at first, Kenzo didn'tseem interested in interacting with theminiature human.But when Maya reaches her hand out to him and he feels her soft touch...


Source: @UrbanFox

He's fascinated by her pure, innocent baby smell. And then it's decided...


Source: @UrbanFox

Kenzo gives her hand a lick and that's it, he can't stop! They then share a special moment looking into each other's eyes, and it's clear this is the start of a lifelong bond.


Source: @UrbanFox

Watch the beautiful video of the two gentle friends here:[embed][/embed]

H/t: The Dodo

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