The Sweet Moment A Mommy Cat Lets Her Kittens Play With A Big, Friendly Dog

It's a well-known saying that happiness is only real when shared... And in this video recently uploaded to YouTube, there is more happiness than anywhere else! What could be more joyful than a bunch of fluffy, little kittens?

It captures the moment a mommy cat brings her tiny babies to meet none other than a big dog of intimidating stature.


Source: Youtube

There is a long-standing rivalry between dog owners and cat owners, who claim that the two animals hate each other... But this touching scene is enough to change the collective imagination for the better!

The mother cat shows absolutely no signs of worry or distress when leaving her newborns with the energetic pup.

The dog and the kittens immediately get along like a house on fire, spending long moments playing and interacting with each other with great affection.

The video has already had more than 7 million views. This moment of cuteness is sure to make your day!