The Soul-Stirring Rescue Of A Tiny Baby Chipmunk Who Took A 20 Ft Tumble From His Nest

He may only be small, but that doesn't mean he's not important!


Source: @AnimalAid/ YouTube

This adorable baby chipmunk fell 20 feet from his nest in June. He wasn't hurt, but there was no way for him to get back up to the nest, perched precariously on an air conditioner high off the ground.Luckily, neighbours in the area spotted the little creature and called Animal Aid Unlimited to come to the rescue.


Source: @AnimalAid/ YouTube

The team arrived, armed with plenty of rope.


Source: @AnimalAid/ YouTube

As they mounted the flatwall of the buildingto get the chipmunkback to safety, the team could hear his mother's worried chirping. But help was on its way.


Source: @AnimalAid/ YouTube

They had the happy surprise of discovering three brothers and sisters waiting for him in the nest!


Source: @AnimalAid/ YouTube

The team at Animal Aid managed to get the chipmunk back to the nest safely, reuniting him with his siblings and his desperate mother once more.We'll leave you towatch the whole video of the moving rescue for yourself:

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