The Soul-Stirring Reaction Of A Six-Year-Old To His Dog's Last Moments

This is a story like no other, with a very valuable lesson coming out of someone you'd never expect it from...On a day like any other, a veterinarian got a call about a family dog who was sick. The ten-year-old Irish wolfhound, Belker, was adored by Lisa, Ron and their son Shane, his human family.They were all hoping for a miracle when the vet discovered that Belker had cancer that had spread too far to stop. They made arrangements for the euthanasia procedure at their home.Ron and Lisa mentioned that Shane should be there when it happened - he could learn an important life lesson about loss.As they gathered around Belker the next day, the vet felt a familiar knot in his throat. This was not the best part of his job. He wondered if Shane understood what was happening as he seemed very calm. Belker peacefully slipped away and they took a few minutes to let it sink in.Then the adults talked a little about how sad it is that animals live such short lives. Shane, who had been very quiet, suddenly said, "I know why."Everyone turned to him, a little surprised.What the six-year-old said next taught the adults a lesson they'll never forget. He said,

People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life – like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.

We can all take a leaf out of this six-year-old's book - let's love and respect our animals.