The Soul-Stirring Moment This Sick And Defeated Mother Is Reunited With Her 7 Puppies

Andrea A.

Just recently, a South African animal rights group called Sidewalk Specialswelcomed in a litter of seven very neglected little pups.It was a neighbour who first drew the organisation's attention to the statethese animals were in. The Teckel cross babies were terribly sick, malnourished,and infested with fleas and worms when the volunteers came to their rescue, reports BarkPost.The pups were still very young and in desperate need of their mother, who was still withthe owner who was responsible for their own terrible treatment.Having seen the state her babies were in, the volunteers could only imagine that the mother must be suffering the same kind of abuse.


Source : @Sidewalk Specials

But after extensive negotiations, the man finally agreed to give up the mother so she could join her children.Upon arrival at the rescue centre, she entered into a state of deep depression. The veterinary team didn't have much hope for her chances of survival, as she was refusing to eat or even stand up.


Source : @Sidewalk Specials

But after a day of intensive care, the volunteers gave her the bestsurprise, hoping that this would give her back some enthusiasm for life...


Source : @Sidewalk Specials

And joy of joys: ever since she was reunited with her babies, her health has gone from strength to strength! The pups have also got throughthe worst. The whole clan was taken in by a foster family, and five of the pups have already found forever homes to take loving care of them.We'll let you enjoy this video of the moving reunion:[embed][/embed]

H/t: @Barkpost

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