The Shocking Video Of A Tiger Chained Up And Brutalized For Tourist Photos Causes A Scandal

This video is new evidence, if you needed any, on the absurdity of animal circuses.It all took place in China, at a circus in the province of Hunan (southwest China). Under a tent, a Siberian tiger is forced to serve as a vulgar distraction for visitors.



 Source: Youtube

Forcibly placed and chained up - by his head and his legs - on a metal table, where he will remain so that onlookers can sit next to him and get a souvenir photo.The "attraction" has brought in numerous families, who don't hesitate in placing their children next to the wild animal. In the video, a boy, visibly frightened, cries to his mother: "I'm scared! I'm scared," while she places him on the animal."It's cool to sit on a tiger! That will certainly bring you luck and help you become rich!" one of the employees proudly exclaims, echoing a local belief that contact with a tiger will bring you good fortune.[embed][/embed]First published on the Chinese video channel,, the sequence had been seen more than 88,000 times before exploding on social media around the world. The images elicited indignation from internet users and animal rights defenders, who criticize the violent treatment of the tiger.Elisa Allen, the director of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in the United Kingdom explained to theDaily Mail: 

The only way to make these highly intelligent and powerful hunters pose for the camera is to keep them under constant threat of punishment, intimidate them, and restrain them.

Source: Youtube

No doubt that this type of initiative, based on physical and mental constraint on wild animals, causes considerable psychological damage and harms their physical integrity.

Which puts into question once again the reason for the existence of circuses and all spectacles or attractions that force animals to submit to human will and remain in captivity for long periods of time.To act against these circuses which use wild animals, contact your local representatives when circuses come to town and explain the negative impact they have on animals. You can also check out this list of circuses who don't use animal performers and offer them as alternatives.