The 'Saddest Kitten You've Ever Seen' Makes Amazing Recovery And Now He Can't Stop Playing


A tiny kitten in need of urgent medical attention found himself in Dr. Matt Carriker's veterinary office in Texas. Shocked by his condition, the man nicknamed the feline 'the saddest kitten you've ever seen.'

Source: Vet Ranch

The skilled medical professional started a Youtube channel in 2014 and it has since amassed impressive 1.5million subscriberswho follow his amazing rescue stories.The little feline had clearly been neglected for a long time was was malnourished, dehydrated, covered in fleas and suffering from a severe eye infection.The dedicated doctor began to rehydrate and nourish the animal to help him regain his strength before urgent care into his eyes could be given.

Source: Vet Ranch

After treating the animal's infected eyes with antibiotics for a few weeks,Dr. Carriker came to the realization that they would not heal and sadly, the kitten would never be able to see again.He made the difficult decision to remove the feline's eyes. So, as soon as the feline was strong enough, he undertook the tricky surgery and start the cat on what looked set to be a long road to recovery.

Source: Vet Ranch

Dr. Carriker decided to name the little guy Mr.Peepers and a short while after surgery proved himself to be stronger than he at first seemed. The veterinarian described the cat's resilience in a Facebook post:

When you're having a rough day, think about Mr. Peepers. I had to remove his 2 rotten eyes yesterday, and today he's purring and loving on everyone. Little fighter!!!!!!!

Only a day after surgery, the tiny kitten was already playing just like any other cat. He was clearly determined not to let his disability get him down.

Source: Vet Ranch

Cats are very adaptable creatures and Mr.Peepers should be able to go on to live a perfectly normal happy and healthy life.

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