The Sad Truth Behind The Pictures Of These Grossly Deformed Animals

Andrea A.

Demand for pork has never been so high, with the marketplace for the meat growing all around the world. Because of this, some farmers have decided to go to great lengths to make a living. According to a report by The Dodo, a farm in Cambodia have managed to breed pigs with deformed, bulging muscles.

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The farm, located in the province of Banteay Mean Chey, recently posted photos of the animals on Facebook.��Susie Coston, director for organisation��Farm Sanctuary, pointed out that the pigs seem to find it incredibly difficult to move. She continued:

These are very young pigs; these pigs are small and short, which means they���re probably less than 6 months old, and they���re already so morbidly obese. This is not normal. This is just a further example of the type of manipulation that goes on when animals are used for profit.
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To Coston, it looks like these pigs ave been genetically manipulated. This isn't the first time that photos of pigs that are far, far too big for their age have attracted criticism from animal rights activists. In 2015, researchers from Seaol National University created genetically modified pigs, which were tweaked to let the creatures grow to enormous sizes by rapidly growing their muscles. Only half of the modified piglets survived past 8 months and only 1 of the 32 born was considered 'healthy'.

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Ky Laysun, the farm's owner, has stated that the pigs were bred normally and that their health problems, seen in videos, are caused by hot weather. However, it is more than possible that they could have been 'enhanced' artificially using hormones and steroids.Coston finished:

They can���t be healthy, there���s nothing about them that shows a healthy animal. It���s gone way too far.
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H/t: The Dodo

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